Our Story

India Growth Story

Our home soil gave us the opportunity to seep in the roots of our business and prosper into the brand that we are today. We are proud of the creativity and aptitude our people possess; the young talent of our country is unprecedented. By sticking to our roots, we not only maintain the authenticity but provide homemade happiness.

By being a Made in India brand we acquire the distinct touch that allows us to stand out. We believe in contributing to the constantly growing economy. Through local manufacturing and distributing internationally, we take an oath to accelerate India's growth story.


Sustainable Brand

Society has provided essential nourishment to flourish into the brand we are today. Hence, it is always at the crest of our priorities. We deliver quality bags that are made of cruelty-free material. This sense of awareness capacitated us to lead a clean process which received the PETA award.

30 Years of Excellence

Legacy, for Baggit, is engraving our name in the hearts of people while we break the chains of monotony and give wings to originality. Persistence, contribution to sustainability and leveraging local talent are the pillars of Baggit's growth. Delivering superior quality is our strongest belief which helped us achieve zenith.


Nina Lekhi's Story

'The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work' this quote is absolutely apt for our founder - Nina Lekhi.

She started with an out-of-home business but with her resilience to achieve more; Baggit became an industry leader. With a strong belief in Quality Bags for Quality People, she built this niche showcasing her designs of quirky non-leather handbags. Her zeal to inspire is reflected in her book Bag It All, where she has shared her journey from the Art of Failing to Doing Business with Love.



Best TVC of the Year (TAVF) - 2018

PETA Approved Vegan Fashion Award - 2013

Karmayogini Award (Maharashtra Government) - 2012



Our Vision

To build a growing & successful international Fashion Brand out of India.

Baggit Values

  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Respect & Trust