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1)    FAQ’s

o   How do I change my order with in 24hrs after it has been placed?

o   Please contact us as quickly as possible if you wish to change or cancel your order. If your order has been dispatched, simply return any items you do not want within 1 weeks of receipt of your purchase, by following our Return Instructions. Your order change request may result in delay in delivery.()


o   How do I track my order?

o   By viewing 'My Account', you can find the status of your order, as well as history of your previous orders. After we receive your order we will automatically send you an email with your order number and details attached. Please contact and we can track your order.


o   Do you accept international shipments?

o   No, we are currently not in plans to accept.


o   How long will it take to receive my parcel?

o   This depends on the destination of your order. Once your payment has been confirmed. It may take 7 to 10 working days for delivery. 


o   My order has shipped but not delivered yet, what does this mean?

o   It means that your order might still be in transit and will arrive in the time frames.


o   How do I update my profile details?

o   Sign in using the "Log in" link on the left top corner of the page. Then go to "My account", edit your details and click save.


o   How do I unsubscribe?

o   Log into "My account" and de-select the email subscription tick box.


o   Why is tax being charged? Are there any more hidden charges?

o   We strive to make your shopping experience less 'taxing' and more satisfactory. Value Added Tax (VAT) or Central Sales Tax (CST) or Goods and Service Tax (GST) is collected and deposited by BAGGIT INDIA PVT LTD (BIPL), to the government authorities. Hence, it is requisite that you need to pay a maximum of 5% additional charge on the discounted product price towards recovery of tax, and the remaining tax is borne by BIPL. However, in our endeavor to serve you better, there are several products on which no additional charge is to be paid by the customer at all, and BIPL bears the entire amount.


o   How is the tax amount calculated?

o   BIPL is bearing tax for all the products, however in an exceptional cases where the total discount (including sale discount, bundle discount, coupon discount) is 20% or higher, additional 5% charge collected against recovery of total tax deposited to government authorities, and remaining tax is borne by BIPL.


o   How do I return merchandise?

o   You can return the merchandise by arranging a courier collection or returning by post. You would be provided with a Return form along with the merchandise, kindly fills it and send it along with the merchandise. Kindly note it is necessary to pack the merchandise back in the return bag provided by Baggit. The to address has to be the Baggit HO address from the parcel has been sent and the from address has to be your address. Kindly intimate the team through mail once the merchandise has been courier back. If the Return request does adhere to our company policies charges will be applicable.


o   What is Baggit’s return policy?

o   If you have received a damaged or defective product, you can get a replacement within 7 days of delivery at no extra cost. The 7 Day Replacement Guarantee is applicable to all physical products sold on Baggit.com.


o   Is it necessary to register on www.baggit.com ?

o   Yes, Its mandatory to register on www.baggiit.com as this will help us to get your shipping and billing details.


o   What payment menthods are avaliable on www.baggit.com ?

o   We have only Credit & Debit card payment methods avaliable. 


o   What to do if paymet is deducted but order is not processed / order confirmation is not recived 

o   In this case we would request you to write to us on esupport@baggit.com, and we will revert back with the order conformations details  




o   Do we arrange reverse pick up if customer wish to return the products? 

o   Yes, we do arrange the reverse pick up for all the return request raised with in 15 days of product delivered. Post 15 days we do not accept return nor we arrange reverse pick up 



o   How long does the refund process take ?

o   Yes, Post the return request the refund process take anywere between 15 to 20 working days







Do we arrange reverse pick up if customer wish to return the product? If no, What if the product is damaged?