Summer Promo


Scheme : Buy worth 3199 and above and get 15% off

Promo: Customer who purchases any product (fresh style) worth Rs 3199/- and above, is eligible to get 15% off on the total bill value of the fresh products.

Process :

1 Product Purchase: Customer buys a fresh product/s for Rs 3199/-and above, and he/she is entitled to 15% discount on the total bill value.

2 "Payment mode: A customer can redeem a Credit Note during this promo that has been issued before this promo

A customer can make use of earlier bought Gift Vouchers for making payment for this promo"

3 Warranty: Warranty cards will be issued for fresh products that are purchased in this promo

4 Duration : 15th April to 30th April

Terms & Conditions :

1 Scheme is ONLY VALID for Fresh Style products. 

2 The fresh Product sold in the promo, will have standard warranty, exchange or repair policies.

3 If a credit note is issued during the promo, but if redeemed post the promo, no discount would be given.

4 If a customer is using the Discount Voucher (given to Mall Management), then he/she will be eligible for the Promo

5 If a customer wants to return/exchange the product of the promo invoice, then, then the credit note will be of MRP less 15%.

6 The above terms and conditions are subject to change at the discretion of the company, BIPL, LALBAUG, MUMBAI.

7.     This promo is not applicable on and is only applicable in Exclusive Baggit Stores.